Karen Schwartz
Mar 27, 2022


A person holding a pen over a notebook listing a blank list of New Year Goals with a Christmas decorative theme.
Photo by Arina Krasnikova on Pexel

I’ve reached my three-month goal — my new year’s resolution.

Well, it was more of a benchmark than a resolution.

In December, I set a goal to write twenty-two long forms, one hundred short forms, and invent two themes every three months.

I’m excited to say that I’ve surpassed all three in my first quarter. And I’m on a roll and still going strong.

It helps to dangle the carrot and march forward in our efforts to achieve literary growth.

My improved writing momentum is because of my increased ability to write stories faster, and an abundance of writing prompts. Only lack of time slows me down.

I’m looking forward to the next three months. What themes will they hold, what stories will emerge, and how will I celebrate?

I can’t wait to find out.



Karen Schwartz

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