Sometimes the past catches up with you in the strangest of ways.

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I met Tyler online, and we hit it off during our first date. We talked and talked — about our occupations, our interests, and we even broached the subject of exes.

I spoke of my ex, Matt, without giving too much detail. The night ended with both of us interested in another date. Tyler said he’d call me, and we connected again within weeks.

On our next date, Tyler brought up my ex Matt again and asked me for his last name. When he had heard Matt’s full name and the fact that he was a pharmacist, he told me…


Living in Ontario right now is of particular concern

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Last Saturday, I asked my husband, “What’s it like outside today?”

“It’s nice,” he replied.

This is how he often answers. It is anything but helpful since he and I have different definitions of nice when it comes to the weather.

That day we planned to visit my granddaughter in her backyard. Nothing was going to stand in my way — not the wasps or the heat — but I didn’t foresee having two venomous caterpillars bite me. It turned out my husband was wrong. …

On certain days we all need to focus on the facts

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Of late, I have become acutely aware of the fact that a day is just a day.

It is a twenty-four-hour period that is constant for us all. Not every day the sky is falling, only sometimes. Whether it is glorious or heartbreaking lies in how we greet and internalize it. Here are three effective coping strategies to maintain an inner state of peace, gratitude, and calm during the times when you need it most.

Leave fiction out of the equation.

There’s a time and a place for storytelling.

When faced with events or the unknown that threaten equilibrium, focus on the facts and not the…

My extraordinary day was more than I expected.

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In January 2021, I joined Medium with a desire to write, engage, and connect with a readership who found meaning in my words. My second article focused on my virtual relationship with my granddaughter when Covid-19 prevented us from meeting face-to-face. Over WhatsApp, Addy and I had spent months getting to know each other, but I questioned whether or not I was simply an actress playing a role in her life movie or if there was a true emotional bond. After thirty months of life and a mere five visits a year ago, yesterday, I held her in my arms…

Poetry Sunday

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Perfectionism is the bane
he carries like a knapsack on his back.
It is a heavyweight
packed full of ethics and morality.
He is always searching for freedom.
He runs the marathon of insecurity
through an endless tunnel.
Rarely reaching his goals,
he feels unaccomplished
as he struggles to find his purpose.

He aspires to be his best self.
He is a man standing alone
in a land of joy and prosperity
searching for his other half
to complete him.

He met her at the café.
He likes her style;
the way she wears
her confidence like an orator
without a written speech.
She makes…

Just because you said yes, doesn’t mean you can’t take it back.

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Trigger Warning: this article talks about unwanted touch.

I’ve always had a healthy attitude toward body awareness. Changing from fertile to menopausal, skinny to chunky, and sexual to sensual, my body and I have had much to celebrate throughout my lifetime. As a child, I created strong boundaries when deciding who can and can’t touch me. As I look back over the years, there were times I found myself in compromising situations. These were when men took liberties without my consent. When I think of these incidents, they conjure up an uneasiness that lives inside me without shame. I can’t…

Reinventing yourself in your relationship is a necessary part of life.

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Most of us have a deep, defining viewpoint of what traits and behaviours intrinsically make us who we are. When circumstances, experiences, and insecurities fog our vision, we can lose ourselves and become unrecognizable. During our lifetime together, I’ve watched my husband, Ed, reinvent himself over and over again. How does self-growth influence a relationship — do you grow together, or do you fall apart?

When Ed and I met, to the outsider, we were worlds apart. I was polite, insecure, and anxious; he was outspoken and curt. We met in a professional work setting, and while our positions lacked…

Anecdote | Learning Experience

Never buy a pet from a fly-by-night breeder or like me, you may pay dearly for your mistake.

This is Harley on his 2nd day home. Author’s photo.

When The Introverted Vet wrote her* article, “Please don’t buy your pet off of Craigslist,” her words were humiliating yet familiar. So familiar, in fact, that I convinced myself she was writing about me. The author named her canine protagonist Harvey; our precious feline addition, we named Harley. Could she be sharing my story? It was unlikely. Allegedly, my ignorance placed me in a category of naïve pet purchasers that often fail. But up to this moment, I can’t truly be sure.

Today, I wave a white flag while admitting my flaws after ignoring the red flags I should have…

You may be missing the mark by not setting the right mood

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There are many occasions when creators have the time and desire to write but are not in their best mood. If the majority of readers gravitate toward articles that help them to feel inspired, does this mean we need to fake it hoping the reader doesn’t catch our negative tone and inflections or do we wait for a time when we’re feeling higher positivity — a time that may not come anytime soon?

Beautiful writing isn’t about the words we use. It’s about the emotions we evoke. — Katie Ganshert

Not all readers will emotionally experience an author’s work the…

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