I am a poet, fiction and non-fiction storyteller, aspiring children’s picture book author, and animal enthusiast.

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Hi, my name is Karen Schwartz. My surname is my married name. I proudly commemorate eleven happily married years and my three fantastic children. I live in Canada with Ed, my husband of ten+ years and my cat named Skye.

I am a former daycare and nursery school teacher, past customer service and online dating service representative, and I currently work in my role as a Human Resources Coordinator.

I like to write about anything and everything. However, I tend to write from a very personal perspective. …

Sometimes the past catches up with you in the strangest of ways.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

I met Tyler online, and we hit it off during our first date. We talked and talked — about our occupations, our interests, and we even broached the subject of exes.

I spoke of my ex, Matt, without giving too much detail. The night ended with both of us interested in another date. Tyler said he’d call me, and we connected again within weeks.

On our next date, Tyler brought up my ex Matt again and asked me for his last name. When he had heard Matt’s full name and the fact that he was a pharmacist, he told me…

My children’s picture book character is suffering from A.D.H.D.

Photo by Eren Li from Pexels

Hard at it, I’ve been working on my children’s picture book manuscript for just shy of a year. My protagonist’s antics have faced many changes through my revisions; however, her personality has remained constant. As I peeled back the layers, she showed herself to me in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

What happens when out of the blue, you realize your character has a disability?

If you’re like me, you look to science, parents, and the child herself for solutions. Spoiler alert: I haven’t yet found all my answers, but I’m determined to try.

This is an “it happened to…

This photographer’s article really caught my attention.

Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

I came across an article by Jason Kravitz that left an indelible mark. Alongside outstanding photography, the reader is given solid information that guides anyone interested in becoming a photographic expert or perfecting their skill. Stay with me, and you’ll come to understand why his photographs and advice were so meaningful.

Lately, writing long-form articles was as difficult for me as winning a horse race. I couldn’t seem to get out of the gate, stay on track, or stand out from the crowd. I’ve often mapped out my topic or written a draft only to see an eerily similar article…

Karen Schwartz

Aspiring children’s picture book author, poet, long-form newbie, newfound lover of short-form and chocolate.

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