“In response to Coffee Challenge: Why I want to be a better me in 2022”

Studying in primary school toward a lifelong career was difficult. Especially when recess was your favourite subject and making friends was a close second. I was a shy child who found friendships with dogs easier than forming connections with humans. …


“In response to Coffee Challenge: Summary Article.”

Young woman looking in a mirror.

In my 2022 Coffee Times Challenge submission, I announced my vision for embracing kindness. The publication’s premise of giving back to writers captures the essence of “kindness.” We lift others by selflessly giving, expecting nothing in return. But this task led me to my problem. …

I am a poet, fiction and non-fiction storyteller, aspiring children’s picture book author, and animal enthusiast.

Hi, my name is Karen Schwartz. My surname is my married name. I proudly commemorate eleven happily married years and my three fantastic children. I live in Canada with Ed, my husband of ten+ years and my cat named Skye.

I am a former daycare and nursery school teacher, past…

I’m very impressed with my daughter and son-in-law.

The other evening, during a video chat, I watched while they cooked up a storm.

Fresh gnocchi, rack of lamb and cornbread were on the menu — all to eat with their bottle of wine.

I appreciated their energy and got caught up in their enthusiasm. After all, look at Ed and me. When we couldn’t decide what to have for dinner that night, we settled on a cup of coffee and two slices of raisin toast with cream cheese.

One day, I too will whip up a delicious home-cooked meal complete with a pot roast, or maybe I’ll try my hand at beef Wellington since Ed doesn’t eat lamb.

But he’ll have to settle for healthy helpings of mashed potatoes instead of the fancy dumplings. There’s a limit to my dietary creativity, and side dishes don’t make the cut.

Karen Schwartz

Aspiring children’s picture book author, poet, long-form newbie, newfound lover of short-form and chocolate.

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