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Crime Always Pays — Chapter One Hundred-Forty-Five

Months passed without incident as Raven helped till the land. She loved getting down and dirty with the animals, knowing she was making her father proud.

With Stan locked away, she relished living life on her terms. No longer anyone barking orders, no…



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Crime Always Pays — Chapter One Hundred-Forty-Four

“So, Monty, I hear you’re leaving town just as my free time’s opening up.”

“I hardly call working the farm free time but suit yourself, Raven. I never understood what you’ve done these past years.”

“Nothing as exciting as moving to New York to model. Look at you, Monty. You always were the best looking of the bunch.”

“I’ll send you an autographed photo of me when I get situated.”

“Just make sure it’s not a mug shot,” Raven giggled. “I’ve seen my share of those to last me a lifetime.”

“Raven,” Frances urged. “Tell William about the city.”

“Mom, I lived in California, not New York. I doubt he’ll become a beach babe like me.”

“Maybe not, Raven,” Theresa said. “But like you, thanks to computers, our son loves to surf.”



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