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Crime Always Pays — Chapter Eighty-Six

Two days went by without a word from Stan. It wasn’t like him. Raven decided he was likely testing her.

She had done nothing wrong. Raven had spoken with Officer Stein, according to Stan’s orders. The deal she and the officer shook on; nobody else knew.

On the third day, the phone rang. It was Stan, and he wasn’t pleased.

“Come to my house, Raven. Don’t keep me waiting.”

The more she learned about her boss, Raven felt defeated as his silence over his wrongdoings shattered her soul.

As she reflected on her life, she felt ashamed. Never had Raven imagined her life turned upside down. While adventure always tempted her, living a subservient life did not.

“Damn you, Stan,” she cried. “I need information. The farm is calling. I want to go home.”



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Crime Always Pays — Chapter Eighty-Five

Working as a botanical tour guide had benefits, but Raven couldn’t ignore that her job lacked intrigue. Perhaps this was the reason she loved it so much.

Despite living a life of mystery, Raven could run the tours with her eyes closed. But her mission to turn Stan into the police weighed heavily on her mind.

All she needed was one clue, one hint, so she could flip this whole thing around.

Stan’s lack of remorse was daunting. He acted as if he were invincible, believing no one could touch him.

Stan was in the driver’s seat, and Raven couldn’t find a way out.

Officer Stein had her back, but her entire body needed protecting. The thought of sex with Stan repulsed her.

She wondered what would become of her for sleeping with the devil.



Karen Schwartz

Karen Schwartz


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